This video provides concise, clear demonstrations of the proper way to execute the incentive spirometry procedure. The video is approximately 8 minutes in length. Also included in this course is a copy of the AARC's Incentive Spirometry Clinical Practice Guideline and a competency checklist for this procedure. Following completion of the video, the participant will be instructed to complete a 5-question post-test based on the competency objectives. A certificate of completion will be available following successful completion (80%) of the post-test.

This course does NOT qualify for CRCE. If you need CRCE for your license or credential, please search for content in other channels on AARC U.

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
January 30, 2017
Expiration Date:
December 31, 2017 11:59 PM
Seminar Objectives
  • Properly prepare the patient and the equipment
  • Correctly perform the incentive spirometry procedure
  • Provide appropriate instruction for proper technique
  • Evaluate the patient, document the procedure, and communicate results
  • Monitor the patient, ensure repeated breathing exercise, and modify therapy as needed
2017 Student Competency: Incentive Spirometry

The instructional video for this competency is approximately 8 minutes in length. A 5-question post-test follows the viewing of this video. Successful completion of this course requires a score of 80% (4/5) or higher.

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Total Educational Hours: 0.25
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